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Welcome to my personal website. I'm excited to share my creative pursuits, including my published writing and personal blogs about the creative writing process. Currently under development is a page for the recipes I love to share with my friends and family.

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Get to know me

It was a dark and stormy Saturday morning in March 1996 when I came into the world…just kidding.

Hi, I’m Emma. I am a Chicago-based writer, and daydreamer known for forward thinking, creative problem solving, and reliability. I also work as a Blogger for A passionate and dedicated learner, I'm currently studying SEO, content writing, and am always working to improve my Fiction writing. I'm terrified of roller coasters, have an allergy to cats, and need prescription eyewear to survive. In 2018, I won the Distinguished Achievement in Creative Writing Award from Coe College, and I work continuously to hone my creative skills every day.

I write for the outsider. I want to reach readers who are empathetic. And if they aren’t, I want them to be exposed to modes of thought that differ from their own. All I want is for my readers to slow down, think, and question the world. That’s all.  I have always been attracted to the ceaseless potential to create. I believe that the power of creation is one of the greatest abilities one can possess. When I was younger, I never considered the possibility of being a writer. I always pictured myself as an audience member to someone else’s show. Now, I want to take the reins and explore both myself and the world through my writing and other modes of artistic self-expression.

Pursuing a variety of hobbies helps me find inspiration, and forces me to experience life in many different capacities. When I’m not glued to my computer watching YouTube videos, I love cooking, baking, making art, and watching Blackhawks hockey. I try to stay active by playing with my 3 dogs, sailing, skiing, ice skating, and exploring cemeteries.   

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