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Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to the very first post, on my very first Blog! While I'm nervous to click "Publish", I am also extremely thrilled to share my hard work with the world.

My name is Emma Bozenda. I am an almost 24-year-old (in ten days) Writer and Editor from Chicago, Illinois. I hold Bachelor’s Degrees in creative writing and English, and a History minor from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Inspired to better both myself and my craft, I want to use snippets of my life as a vehicle to explore the world of content writing and SEO practices. I strive to create and share work that showcases important moments of my life as well as my creativity. Whether it’s writing blog posts, flash fiction, or essays, my content will always point towards positivity, appreciation, and a colorful zest for life.

I write for the outsider. I want to reach readers who are empathetic. And if they aren’t, I want them to be exposed to modes of thought that differ from their own. I don’t want to convince anyone of anything. All I want is to force my readers to slow down, think, and question the world. That’s all. I have always been attracted to the ceaseless potential to create. I believe that the power of creation is one of the greatest abilities one can possess. When I was younger, I never considered the possibility of being a writer. I always pictured myself as an audience member to someone else’s show. Now, I want to take the reins and explore both myself and the world through my writing and other modes of artistic self-expression.

I’m fortunate to participate in, and enjoy a variety of hobbies. I love cooking, baking, making art, and watching Blackhawks hockey. I try my best to stay active by keeping up with my 3 dogs, sailing, skiing, ice skating, and exploring cemeteries. Although varied, these activities are all reflections of me, and I look forward to writing about all these topics in future blogs.

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